My Personal Journey #

I started on the path to financial independence in early 2016. It happened right after I watch the Mister Money Mustache talk about it. It was a turning point for me and it refocused my personal finance habits.

Upon reflection, I knew that work wasn’t a bad thing, but I didn’t want to commit the majority of my life to it. I enjoyed the message around frugality and not letting lifestyle creep into your habits.

I started listening to the Mad Fientist podcast and got more and more inspired. In 2016, the host met his financial independence goal, and spoke transparently about the experience. Right away I knew that was a goal I wanted to reach.

Not long after I bought what appears to be the FIRE bible, The Simple Path to Wealth and read it in a couple evenings. I enjoyed its simplicity. It was like a weight off of my shoulders. It instructed me that I need discipline, not smarts. He also spoke at Google and I periodically watch it to remind myself of the core fundamentals.

What’s This Website About? #

This website is here to help you navigate information abundance around personal finance. It is targeted towards people familiar with FIRE but could use some guidance over and above the usual resources.

Why Should You Bother Reading? #

You shouldn’t. There’s plenty of resources out there already. This website is for my friends and aquaintances that have been curious about my journey. I’ve sent countless e-mails and have had many wonderful chats on these concepts, but I want to share more and keep it up-to-date.

Principles #

  • Keep it simple
  • There is a point where more doesn’t matter
  • Measure and adjust your actions periodically