Wealth consists not in having great possessions, but having few wants. - Epictetus

True welath is not having everything, but knowing you already have enough. - Unknown (often credited to Kurt Vonnegut)

He who knows he has enough is rich. - Lao Tzu

This website is a collection and synthesis of the resources I’ve found most valuable on my personal finance journey. This journey started in 2016 after watching a video by Mr. Money Mustache.

In the most recent years, I got more into learning more generalized principals of personal finance and found Benjamin Felix’s video on what is good financial advice down-to-earth, and compromised of things I learned on my own over the last few years. He later released an excellent paper on Finding and Funding a Good Life.

My goal with this website is to condense what I’ve learned over the past 8 years into a resource that can get anyone started.

Goal Formation and Quantification

The hardest financial skill is to get the goal posts to stop moving. Enough is realizing that an insatiable appetite for more will push you to the point of regret. - Morgen Housel

Determining what is Enough is not a trivial thing, but knowing that there is some amount of wealth that’s enough can help one define a financial plan that saves them from working too much.

Asset Allocation

How to have things balanced such that you can sleep comfortably at night.

Insurance Needs Analysis

Protecting yourself from extreme downside risks.

Financial Product Allocation

Knowing what products to put in your portfolio is only a portion of setting yourself up for a healthy financial future.

Tax Awareness

Prevent suprise tax bills and know how to only pay necessary taxes.

Disipline and Habits

Given that you’ll need to apply and monitor this plan for your entire life, you’ll need to create systems and habits that help you stick to the plan.



I try to keep the number of tools I use to a minimum:

There are a lot of tools out there but I’ll only list the ones I personally use. I can’t say much about the tools that I do not use.


There are many books on this subject, and I’ve only read these 4:

There are many other books on improving your life and all that jazz, but the above books are directly related to one’s financial future.

Podcasts / Channels

These are podcasts/channels that I watch. I won’t list things I haven’t experienced: